Pagan Pride

THE GAME (Part 7)

The Future

And so, at the time of writing here in 2005, through all my adventures and experiences, I find myself standing at last (as opposed to just catching up with) the future. I have come a long way already, but the further I travel the further I realise there is to go. Evolution is a near certainty, the human race may survive a while yet but it's golden age has passed, the planet is very beautiful in it's twilight, there is still much to recommend it to the astral traveller. In fact the astral realms, the ancestral planes and all the other parts of the spirit worlds are perpetual, it is only this thinly believable existence in flesh that cannot last. So it is my will to remain here a while and try to absorb what is left of the world's beauty, maybe change a few hearts, teach a little and learn a lot. Make no mistake the darkness even now casts a shadow over our world, I do not know if it will come in our lifetimes but it will come. I think we are evolving beyond the physical, inventing and adapting tools to enable us to exist away from absolute three dimensional reality - it's just sad however that this detracts from the wonders that space/time still holds.

I am still much frightened by the prospect of anyone listening to me or my "preaching", it happened before and I ran for cover under the hail of piousness and hysteria but I do feel able and amply equipped to discuss the state of the universe with anyone who'd care to do so, my days of disciplined ritual practice are, if not over, then at least in suspense for now, there are great works in dream and meditation and much of revelation that requires no more than the eyes to see and the ears to hear - As I get "wiser" so I see that the keys to progress are simpler and simpler, I spent so much of my first years forgetting what I knew that it has taken very long to come again into that knowledge. And now, having found a niche in my paganism I am meeting more and more excellent and honourable people, it is doing my spiritual health so much good to be keeping the festivals and helping to share and explain them with and to others. I discuss much with people around me and I think often of my brethren, however scattered they still might be - perhaps a gathering is on the horizon, I do not know - but preparation is now the key, preparation for the final days of either my life or the planet's whichever ends first. I see it as a duty no less to push and continue to push against all that I see to be wrong in the world, it is only when enough of us push and continue to push that we can make the Kingdom (Of Summer?) come alive in the world as it is alive in our hearts. I nurture innocence and defend naivety, without either we shall surely fall and I try to follow the path of Honour, Justice and Truth as closely as I may . . . . . . now isn't that getting into Druidism . . ? . . . . . .

I have so much more to say of course and I will continue to do so. For now I wish many blessings upon you and hope that we are able to meet from time to time either in my continued writings, in dreams and visions or (best of all) out in the woods somewhere . . . . .