Earth Spirit Circle

As I write now in 2012 I reflect that a great deal has happened on my spiritual journey, some of it documented on this website. I have come to realise that my life path has led me many varied ways, through many doors and all to great discoveries which have given me many answers to my questions, but yet I am still on a path to more discovery and learning. In more recent years my connection to the energies of the universe, including Mother Earth, The Goddess and the Great Spirit has become deeper and, at the same time, closer to the surface of my life; my practices have matured as has my understanding and I am, at the behest of "The Energies", now ready to "step from the shadows" putting aside fears about how to engage and encourage others around me and trust in the spirit of the people to take responsibility for themselves, to empower themselves as I am empowering myself - to share knowledge and understanding and to be what The Energies have helped me to become - a real person of the earth and of the universe.

Everyone has the right, and the ability inside themselves, to connect to the non-physical totality, unity even, of the universal whole. When you are connected the Energies work with you, life becomes easy to choose as simple, joyous and full of discovery and wonder. Yes, EASY! Making this connection initially, after years of brainwashing (an hilarious and ironic term, a "brain wash" should be good, washing the brain of negativity and crap ought to be a GOOD thing . . ) is a long path for many people, most do not make it, those that do, myself included, often have to have some help from others and I have been lucky because, through chance, co-incidence and recognition of opportunities I have a number of friends who have helped me by showing me tools to empower myself to believe in myself and, as is the way of it, I now feel properly prepared and empowered to share these tools with others who would follow their own path, set aside the brainwashing and step into the light of their own spirit as they journey towards the very essence of it.

"We are wrong to think of ourselves as physical creatures reaching upward to discover our spiritual side when all we need do is REMEMBER that we are spiritual creatures who have CHOSEN to exist in the world of dense physical matter for a while as part of our journey..."

The circle is a place where we can share in discovery of our own true nature, celebrate our joy and ability of connection and self empowerment and through some tools and metaphors we can further our learning, understanding and connection to the great energies of the universe. There are techniques I have come to use myself and find the most useful, they have their roots in the vocabulary of paganism, witchcraft and indiginous traditions and practices of the British Isles and Turtle Island. But only their roots, for the tools themselves are personalised and sytlised, they are the ones I have used for me, they may not suit YOU but we can help each other discover for ourselves the tools that help us the most. The Circle is a place to share these tools, to harmonise and empower our own selves and in so doing to help others around us to help themselves - too often I've seen people giving up their own energy to help others, but it doesn't help others when you deplete your own resources so far that you cannot function:

"Heal yourself, heal the world, know yourself, know the world..."

A time of great change is always upon us, humans cannot continue to run around Mother Earth bringing about destruction and negativity the way we have come to do for much longer - the deficit is finally showing up on the books. In the time of powerful change that is coming soon many (most) will involuntarily give up their energy and be re-absorbed into the universal whole, they will "go home". For the others there is a further journey to undertake, these are the ones who have empowered themselves, those willing to sacrifice going home for a greater path. A "Gathering" of these spirits is occuring now, they are finding each other in greater numbers than ever before, people are doing things under many different names all over the world, coming together as empowered and advanced spiritual beings and while many of us guess, we have not yet been told what it is we must do in the coming purification of human spirituality and energy. Those who are wise can see the way to this gathering is through The Old Ways, the ways of our ancestors who, far from being "primitive" were in fact totally connected with the real and natural world around them, had no distractions, none of the negative energies of artificial human design: currency and finance, selfishness and materiality, the sense of inevitability, disempowerment, disillusionment and slavery to a system that is almost wholly negative. In the coming times of what amounts to purification, the negative energies will also be transformed, we do not know how yet but they will no longer hold such influence over the people and the rest of the living creatures of Mother Earth. There will no longer be so many two-leggeds, many will "go home" and return to the source energies as the negative energies of human life on earth are broken down by the great power of good and the love of the Creator(s), Mother Earth, the Energies, Life Force Energies and Spirits.

There is much more to share. I invite you to bring your wisdom and learning and empowerment to share. I have made a commitment to The Energies and to myself to make space for the people who wish to share with me, to travel with me, to laugh and learn with me, I have at last found out what it is that I can put back into the energetic whole of my life from which I've taken so much . . . the energies are connected, have spoken clearly to me and have opened my heart so that I have placed my trust in them and stepped away from my fear, stepped out of the shadows and begun a new part of my own journey - companions on the road are welcome, if not essential. Once you have freed yourself of illusory obligation, you are free to help others!

Two last thoughts for now, the latter a good joke:

"You are unique . . . just like everyone else!"

"An enlightened person was having a filling put in a tooth. When the dentist asked him if he wanted an anasthetic injection, he said "No need, I can transcend dental medication."

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